Artist Statement


Influenced by Clair Barclay and Michael Dean, my sculptural works bring together a variety of materials and experimental processes, fusing the hand-woven and the industrially produced, taking materials and forms out of their context, to create a new kind of abstract language. I am drawn to the more ambiguous objects that spark a curiosity as to their uses and meanings, but are created out of everyday materials. I create with a playful intent to invent poetic visual puzzles reminiscent of the things that surround me. Playing with gravity and juxtapositions, composing sculptures out of materials that seemingly shouldn’t work together, but find a balance and harmony found through the abstraction of shape, form and colour. My compositions explore the relationship between materials and space, creating and distorting volumes in relation to their situation. A lot of my processes involve elements of chance and time, which I refine to create more composed structures. My motivation is the sense of not really knowing where things are going or how exactly they’re going to turn out, but letting the material and their properties take freedom and control to generate more organic forms. Concrete, plaster and fabrics casting and abstracting, I love how the physicality of my work, allows me to create archetypal and physical bodies hovering somewhere on the brink between the figurative and the abstract, between the ambiguous and the referential. My sculptures are unfamiliar, yet suggestive of function through their forms and material characteristics, which I invite you to interpret in order to imagine how people might interact with them.