Next Term

“How sculpture might create spaces or environments where the viewer can experience the universal qualities of weight, gravity, agility, and a somewhat meditative repose.”

“Turning things upside down or changing ‘hard’ into ‘soft’ defies gravity and liberates things from the stress that people expert upon them. The weight is shifted, and the weightlessness that people attribute to material things is undermined. The object receives a neutral significance and can proceed to live it’s own life.”

I  want to carry on exploring the theme of gravity with my sculptures, continuing to use material as a constant throughout my work.

I intend to create sound pieces based of the sounds of me making the sculptures, mixing the plasters, the echo of the materials etc. and edit the sound to create an almost meditative piece so that I can create the sense of suspension in time, and allow participants to take a moment to find balance in the world, reflective of my hanging objects.

To go alongside my sculptures I want to make hammocks so that people can participate in the artwork and become the artwork, become fully immersed in the sense of gravity and weightlessness. I want people to sit in the hammocks and lay underneath heavy hanging objects to intensify the experience and potential of the objects as living things.