Test tubes

Curled up wire and placed into test tubes to represent the study of mental health and how we try to break anxiety down into stages to categorize people and dismiss them into a familiar box so that we don’t have to try and challenge the problem.


Richard Deacon


Creates similar shapes to ones created by my automatic drawing, ones with a sense of balance between chaos and order. Manipulating and natural material (wood) into delicate sinuous structures laden with immense amounts of tension. The extreme bending of the wood seems unnatural and forced, but the curving shapes the sculptures seem naturally fluid.


Stop motion animations

These stop motion animations give the wire sculpture an enhanced sense of life and movement.




Below i have played around with the speed. It enhances a sense of panic and tension. it disorientates the viewer. But it doesn’t flow quite as effectively as the ones at a lower frame rate.output_4Z3Qgf


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